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Most unnecessary deaths of dogs that occur due to flea collar poisoning are the result of an allergic reaction to the active ingredient. Even if your dog is perfectly well at the time the device placed around his neck, observe your dog closely for the first few days. If your dog should become ill while... read on

Most packages containing flea collars or other similar-type pest-fighting devices usually carry a printed caution on the front: “Do not allow children to play with this collar”. The purchaser is then invited to read the additional precautions printed on the reverse side of the package.  Over 50% of the dog owners polled about their knowledge... read on

When I was younger and living in San Diego, California, a mixed breed lab died a painful death which was eventually traced to the flea collar it was wearing. Years later, in a small town in Texas, a puppy from a litter of 4 died, which was later found to be directly attributed to a... read on

Dog grooming brushes

There are specific brushes and combs to use on dogs, all based according to what you need to accomplish. It’s not too different than when people need a round brush for curling with a blow dryer versus a natural bristle brush for normal dry brushing, etc. If you do not plan on showing your dog... read on

Puppy supplies

Before you rush out and purchase a new puppy, you need to first be prepared with the appropriate supplies needed at home. New puppies need more than just food and water, especially during the first night at the house. Here are a few basic supplies you’ll to get started. Food and water bowl For starters,... read on

Flexi-Lead dog leash

As your puppy gets a little older, the most important training aid that you will need will be a variety of dog training leashes. Of course using certain collars and leashes may seem a bit structured and strict to use when training your puppy, but they are meant to be a temporary tool designed to... read on

Dog leash

You will need three specific pieces of equipment to properly train your dog: a training collar, a leather training leash, and a 15-foot length clothesline rope. If you’re already thinking that your dog’s present leather collar will work, and that his 4-foot chain leash will suffice, you may as well stop reading this article and... read on

Pet gates are absolute lifesavers for dog owners (and in the case of potty training young puppies, carpet savers too!) Gates keep dogs confined to one room or one area of the house, usually an area that has easy-to-clean floors. Most pet gates are actually baby gates doing double duty by keeping both the dog... read on

Are you ready for a quick and easy 5-step crate training plan for your pup? Repeat each of the following steps for one day or one week, depending on how well your puppy takes to crate training. Move onto the next step once your pooch is confident with the previous step. Day 1 / Week... read on

Once you have a crate, begin training your puppy to use it right away. Some puppies are just naturals and pick up the den idea the moment they see it. Set it down on the floor, open the door and watch the pup toggle right in to check it out. If there’s a comfy blanket... read on