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The best dog training in Chicago

Finding the right dog training center in Chicago means putting in the time to research what school will suit both you and your dog’s needs. Below are our recommendations for three highly regarded dog training schools in Chicago to shorten your search.

Anything Is Pawsible

Training and behavior modification at Anything Is Pawsible is taught through positive reinforcement techniques found to motivate both dogs as dog owners. Rewards range from treats and praise to toys and play with other dogs. To succeed with the training, owners must be willing to be directly involved and committed.

The owner, founder and head dog trainer at the school, Rendy, holds a Certification in Dog Obedience Instruction from Animal Behavior Training and Associates. She has been voted one of the Best/Favorite Dog Trainers in Chicago by the ChicagoLand Tails Reader’s Choice Awards numerous times.

There are group courses available such as the Puppy Classes for socialization and beginning obedience training, Basic Plus for dogs and puppies that have completed the puppy class or its equivalent, Basic Dog Obedience for dogs with little or no prior formal training to learn essential commands, Therapy Dog Classes to start your dog working in therapy programs along with preparation to pass exams, and Advanced Dog Obedience for off-leash training under high distractions.

Specialized group classes are also offered in Bark Around The Park where dogs learn everyday skills in a different park every week, and Tricks For Kicks! where you learn new commands while having fun with your dog. Private sessions can be customized to the extent you wish. Obedience classes focus on your dog’s needs and improve on current abilities, while behavioral sessions require an in-depth consultation beforehand and center on a particular problem, be it aggression, separation anxiety, or other dog problems.

D.O.G. Obedience Group

Through humane, effective, and fun training at D.O.G. Obedience Group you will learn obedience exercises, solutions for behavioral problems, hand signals, game, tricks, and healthcare. Everything is taught using positive reinforcement, lure rewards, operant conditioning, and clicker training.

The Puppy Class is suitable for both new and experienced owners where you will learn all about the development of your new puppy. By helping your pet build confidence and learn socialization skills to become a well-developed dog, you will eliminate current problems and avoid negative behaviors from ever occurring.

The Adolescent Dogs course is ideal for teenage puppies, where they work on extending what was learned in the puppy class through work on dealing with distractions, learning a trick a week, and navigating obstacles. This is followed by the Basic Class, used to develop the relationship between you and your dog while learning more obedience commands.

The school also offers an introductory Agility course for active dogs. Using a gradual approach with clicker training, dogs learn to negotiate obstacles in the introductory class. Skills can be taken to the next level in the Fundamentals II course.

Sanzone Dog Training Chicago

Sanzone School of Dog Training Chicago offers a range of services including private and group lessons, boot camp where dogs live in the home of trainer Toriano Sanzone, personal protection training, and dog yoga. All the courses involve pushing dogs to the maximum through four levels of basic to advanced obedience training. The advanced level is completed after a minimum of 28 weeks.

Training can be taken through Basic Doggie Bootcamp lasting two to three weeks, Master Doggie Boogie Bootcamp which lasts four months, group classes, and private lessons. The school also offers Guardian/Protection Dog Training where you’ll work one on one with the trainer. To complete the course, the dog must be able to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test.