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The best dog training in Charlotte NC

Not every dog training program is suitable for you and your pet. The following reviews will guide you to a dog training school in Charlotte NC that will fit your and your dog’s needs best.

Continental Boarding

Winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the past three years in a row, Continental Boarding is a veterinarian owned and run dog training school based in Charlotte NC that focuses on obedience training to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. During the training, you will learn to work together in order to develop positive behaviors that reduce your dog’s stress and anxiety.

Group classes span from puppy kindergarten and basic manners to advanced obedience training. The school also offers an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen class where you receive an official certification upon successful completion. Alternatively, you can opt for private training if you need to work on a specific area, prefer a more intimate environment, or if you need to fit the training around your busy schedule.

Continental Boarding also offers residency training where your dog can stay at the facility from one to six weeks, depending on the program you choose. There are five different programs available ranging from short term training, taken while you are on vacation, to advanced obedience courses. The majority of the training is completed by the staff, who use fun, reward-based methods. If possible, you will be expected to attend once a week for instructions on how to handle your dog.

Zoom Room

The positive dog training at Zoom Room are offered in group or private classes. Their training is suitable for all ages of dogs ranging from puppies to seniors. Before you begin their dog training program or attend one of their workshops, you will take a 30-minute orientation without your dog to become familiar with the facility and policies and to learn the basics behind clicker training.

Group classes consist of three different puppy classes, obedience training at three levels, ending with the ‘Canine Good Citizen’ test preparation, and four levels of Agility training. The school also runs an Agility League to allow you to compete against your classmates. Once your dog has learned being obedient, you can take enrichment classes where you’ll learn different moreadvanced tricks, Canine Cross-training, along with a class that will teach your dog better scenting skills. In addition, the school offers a number of workshops for socializing shy dogs, learning therapy, teaching easily excitable dogs to stay calm in situations with many distractions, Urban Herding, and more.

Über Dog Training Charlotte NC

Über Dog Training Charlotte NC works with dogs of all ages and behavioral issues through group lessons, board and train programs, and private classes. Go beyond canine obedience and improve quality of life for you and your dog by teaching your pet new skills while eliminating unwanted behavior such as leash pulling, barking, chewing, and aggression.

Founder and owner Greg Bellew is a certified Pet Tech and lecture instructor and evaluator for Greater Charlotte SPCA. He offers obedience programs ranging from beginner puppy classes to advanced off-leash training. Private sessions, offered in your home or at a local park, are also available and are tailored to meet your family, dog, and lifestyle needs. All the programs are recommended by veterinarians and the SPCA. You can request an in-house demo before you begin to see if this option would work for you.