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An overview of books by Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer

Did you get a new puppy and are you now looking for a practical training guide? Do you have a dog that does not listen or barks incessantly? Cesar Millan, expert dog trainer and well known worldwide for his TV show The Dog Whisperer, can offer the help that you’ll need.

Cesar Millan books provide a wealth of knowledge, guidance and advice for owners of dogs of any age.

Cesar Millan books

A common theme throughout Millan’s books and DVD’s is his firm belief that dogs are pack animals.

In his books, Cesar stresses the importance of the owner establishing his role as leader of the pack through a calm, assertive manner. He also stresses the importance of establishing clear, defined boundaries that are consistently enforced. Cesar believes that the key for getting a well-balanced dog is to provide sufficient exercise, discipline and affection.

Be the Pack Leader : Use Cesar’s Way to transform your dog… and your life

This New York Times Bestseller illustrates for the reader how to establish a calm, assertive energy in order to establish oneself as the leader of the pack. Millan goes into detail in what he refers to as his fulfillment theory: Exercise, Discipline and Affection.
He discusses specific training tools such as collars and leashes and how to correct common behavioral issues. The difference between punishment and discipline is also discussed in this popular book.

Cesar’s Way: The Natural Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

Also a New York Times Bestseller, this book dives into the realm of dog psychology.
Millan believes that problematic behavior results from owners not understanding their dog and how the dog’s mind works. The belief is that undesired behavior can more easily be changed if one can see the world through their dog’s eyes.

Cesar’s Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog

Yet another of Cesar Millan books that is a New York Times Bestseller. This book discusses various training methods and offers advice on teaching basic commands. Cesar places an emphasis on the importance of having a well-balanced dog and explains why a well-trained dog does not always translate to a well-balanced dog.

A Member of the Family: Cesar Millan’s Guide to a Lifetime of Fulfillment with Your Dog

This book offers sound advice on picking the right breed of dog for your family and integrating the dog into your household and lifestyle. Practical advice is given on how to introduce a new dog into a multiple pet household, how to pick a veterinarian and how to institute and enforce household rules.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

This book is an informative, practical guide for those considering getting a young dog, as well as those who already own one. Advice is given on creating an ideal environment for a well-balanced dog and suggestions are discussed to correct undesirable behavior. Common topics relevant to new owners such as housebreaking, nutrition, vaccinations and stages of development are all covered.

Building a stronger relationship

Whether your dog is a puppy, a senior or anywhere in between, you can benefit from the knowledge, advice and Cesar Millan’s personal experience through his writings. All of Cesar Millan’s books are written with the goal of creating a stronger relationship between you and your dog, making his books an exceptional reference for any dog owner.