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You’ve chosen your favorite puppy and are now waiting for the day that you’ll be able to pick it up. As you count down the days, you want to make sure everything is perfect for your puppy’s new life. With some good pre-planning, bringing home a new puppy will be a smooth and pleasant experience. Here... read on

Bringing home a puppy

The day your puppy comes home to stay is often a fun and exciting time. Usually there is something that makes it a special occasion to remember, an occasions adults always seem to be able to call upon no matter how many decades have gone by. Someday this puppy will be all grown up and... read on

Puppy present

Birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations where gifts are exchanged are a time of fun, good food, and merriment – and giving the gift that keeps on giving – a new puppy – should be  accompanied with proper education to the new owner as well. Keep an eye on the children! Most puppies are given as... read on

Driving home a new puppy

If you have been wanting to get a puppy and the day has finally arrived where you were going to welcome the new member of the family, you should be prepared for the ride home with a little puppy. Seat protection You want your puppy to be comfortable during the drive and he may have... read on

Family dog

1. Do shower your new puppy with lots of love and attention, especially if he is doing something “right”. Many new puppy owners wait until the dog has done something wrong before initiating some type of communication. Before you know it, the poor puppy only knows that you are nice sometimes but then yell at... read on

Family dog

1. Never strike your puppy, no matter how heinous the crime may be. All you will do is frighten the little guy and possibly injure him in the process. You have to keep in mind that he is a complete stranger to your home and your entire world. Remember that he has just been separated... read on

New puppies

If you are planning on purchasing a new puppy or adopting an adult dog, while being the current owner of a dog who is at home already, you have to take steps to help the dog at home adjust for the new puppy that will be living and eating in his “territory”. Jealousy and attention... read on

New puppies

Are you planning on getting a new puppy and introducing him into a household that already has a dog as the long-standing family pet? This can be a stressful time for the dog that has already established his territory with both the home as well as all members of your family. When you add another... read on