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Holistic dog care with DGP, a herbal remedy for joint pain in dogs

A recent case study involving holistic dog care proved that a supplement known as DGP (Dog Gone Pain) has been highly beneficial for dogs who suffer from joint pain. The supplement is 100% natural and works to ease the pain and stiffness that many older dogs tend to suffer from as a result of arthritis. It is made up of a unique blend of herbs that work together to ease the pain associated with joint problems and stiffness. In addition, DGP helps to restore the energy levels of dogs and therefore, increases the animal’s overall emotional health as it promotes happiness as a result.

Study procedure

The study was performed over the course of six weeks. In addition to the effectiveness of the supplement, the safety of DGP was evaluated as well.
Twelve dogs from all over the US were selected for the study. The animals came from 10 different breeds, and their ages ranged from five years old to as old as 13. Each dog chosen for the study had symptoms that affected their joints that included pain, stiffness, difficulty in standing or sitting, irritability, depression and a general lack of mobility, among other things.

As the study ensued, each of the dogs involved were examined by a veterinarian to ensure that all of their symptoms came as a result of problems with the joints. Blood work was performed prior to the study as well as after the duration of six weeks to compare the results. One of the final steps of the study, which served as an assurance for the testers, was that each of the respective dog owners would evaluate their pets before DGP was given to them and then again after the test was concluded six weeks later.


The results of the test were nothing short of amazing. After the six week duration of the study, each of the 12 dogs showed remarkable improvements, and each clearly benefited from taking the DGP. Each dog owner agreed that their pet was showing unbelievable improvements in their mobility, range of motion, mood and in their overall health in general. They were also pleased to note that their dogs were happier after the testing. The pets were also more energetic and lively than they had been in years.

Eleven of the 12 dogs involved in the case study tolerated taking it. One of the dogs had to be taken off the supplement due to a history of allergies and suffered from skin irritation. Prior to the reaction, the dog’s owner reported that their pet had benefited and regained energy and mobility.

DGP is available in chewable tablets that can be added to a dog’s food.