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The best dog training in Tampa, Florida

With such a large number of highly commended dog training options in Tampa, it can be hard to choosing the right one for your dog. We’ve summarized the approach and offer of three of the best ones below.

Courteous Canine

Along with regular dog training services, Courteous Canine offers some unique activities and classes. Standard services include group puppy and dog training, starting with kindergarten and moving through three levels of adult dog training. Private classes can be taken at home or at the Courteous Canine facilities covering behavioral problems such as difficulties with training, reactivity and aggression. After graduation, your dog can take group courses such as Behavior Modification, Teaching Your Dog To Play, and Dog Sports.

Special courses, not usually offered at other dog training centers in Tampa, include a range of sports classes. Dog swimming and dock jumping lessons are given in a competition-standard pool with artificial turf that is comfortable for paw pads, along with a beach-style entry and exit for dogs who are not ready to start dock jumping.

For dogs with even more energy, Lure Coursing is addictive. Dogs can take an introductory lesson and an intermediate lesson in a group or as private lessons. Another option is agility training, separated into four levels to allow dogs to gradually learn the different aspects of an agility course. They can also learn pushball, a great game for any dog that enjoys herding, chasing, and solving problems. This involves the same amount of teamwork as agility, without requiring physical exertion on the side of the owner.

Other courses include Dogs’N’Storks to help couples with dogs adapt to changes when they bring a new baby into the family; Tricks and Dog Dancing to learn impressive skills in just a few sessions, Fun Scent Games, and the free clicker training class.

Dog Training Tampa with Ivan Balabanov

World renowned dog trainer Ivan Balabanov has given more than 900 seminars and workshops on reward-based training across the globe. At his Dog Training school in Tampa Bay, he offers a variety of courses and sessions for any needs:

  • Obedience classes for puppies and adult dogs that have been developed through the trainer’s unique Obedience Without Conflict System.
    Graduates can move up to The Game, a speed learning program where they are taught commands and tricks in a fun setting.
  • Instant Solutions, a form of Behavior Modification where problems can be eliminated in a single session.
  • Accelerated Dog Obedience, a three-week course where dogs receive one-on-one attention with their trainer. Owners are welcome to come and spend time with dogs while they are enrolled in the program.
  • The Pets Tricks Class where you learn fun activities to do with your dog.
  • Competitive Dog Sports courses ideal for keeping dogs active and interested to prevent behavior problems for ever arising.

Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants

Trainer Sam Ivy of K-9 Consultants has over 20 years of experience in canine behavior modification and training. He is one of the top choices for dog training in Tampa if you are looking to deal with serious problems that cannot be resolved through basic classes.

Sam Ivy believes that there are always better options than drugs, euthanasia, and keeping dogs separated from kids or certain genders.

At Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants, you can find help for aggression and dominance issues, jumping, biting, excessive barking and whining, pulling on the leash, chewing, and separation anxiety. Ivy also offers housebreaking and on and off leash training and provides advice for buying a new dog.

Other services include service dog and therapy dog training, where you and your dog can get started on the pre-qualification process, and personal protection and suspicion training.