Flea collars

Flea collars can be lethal – Part 3

Most unnecessary deaths of dogs that occur due to flea collar poisoning are the result of an allergic reaction to the active ingredient. Even if your dog is perfectly well at the time the device placed around his neck, observe your dog closely for the first few days.

If your dog should become ill while wearing a flea collar device, remove it until the reason for the illness can be determined. Leave the device off until the dog is completely recovered.

By observing the following eight precautions, you can use the flea collar to your dog’s best advantage:

1. Buckle the collar securely, but not tightly around his neck. These collars, as well as any collar for that matter, should be worn loosely.

2. When bathing your dog, remove the collar until the dog is completely dry. Never let your dog get wet while wearing a flea-killing device.

3. Animals should never be allowed to chew on flea collars or other flea-killing devices. Keep in mind, if you have more than one dog, they may be tempted to chew at these collars worn by the other dogs.

4. Observe the neck area every few days for signs of irritation and loss of hair.  Should these signs occur, remove the collar and allow the area to heal.

5. Do not use such devices on sick or convalescing dogs. If your dog becomes ill while wearing a flea-killing device, remove it at once.

6. Do not use any other pesticide on your dog while a flea collar is being worn.

7. Worming medicines should not be administered to a dog while the dog is wearing a flea-killing device.

8. If you take your dog to a veterinarian for any reason, be sure to advise him that your dog is, or has been, wearing a flea-killing device.

Flea collars, and similar type of pest-killing devices,  can serve as an effective aid in preventing the accumulation of fleas and ticks on the family pet. The absence of fleas and ticks can make the warm summer months much happier and healthier for your dog, but, as with any form of medication, simple precautions as outlined by the various manufacturers must be adhered to for maximum effectiveness and complete safety.