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Cesar Millan DVD series: The New Dog Combo

To assure that your puppy matures into a balanced, well-behaved dog, you will need to start leading and training it from the very first day. So who do you turn to and how do you learn to become the best possible leader of the pack?

One of the most well-known expert dog trainers is Cesar Millan, who you may know from National Geographic’s television show called “The Dog Whisperer.”
Millan’s training philosophy is build around being the leader of the pack for your dog so that the dog feels secure, taken care of will consequently follow your lead and commands. He encourages dog owners to learn how to communicate better with their dog.

To improve your communication and training skills, you’ll find Cesar Millan’s New Dog Combo interesting as it features two DVDs along with a paperback book, all of which are also part of the Mastering Leadership Series. Here’s what Cesar will help you with:

Raising the perfect puppy DVD

The first Cesar Millan DVD in the combo pack is titled Raising the Perfect Puppy. This DVD include topics such as introducing the puppy into your new home, leash training and how to socialize your dog. It also includes ideas for fun and instructional games which you can play with your puppy. Additionally, it also covers how to potty train your little friend.

Your new dog: First Day and Beyond

The second DVD is titled Your New Dog: First Day and Beyond and features real families to demonstrate how to choose a puppy with the right energy level and how to bring the puppy home.

Some of the information describes how your dog’s energy works and how you need to match your personal energy with the dog that you pick. For instance, if you like to hang out on the couch and go for relaxed strolls, then you don’t want a dog that needs constant movement and long runs.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

Highly rated by reviewers, this book covers 321-pages of expert advise to help you learn what to do with your puppy from the moment he first sets his paws into his new home. Covering his basic philosophy about calm assertive leadership, using proper energy and understanding how dogs communicate, Millan will guide you through all about raising your puppy. The books also includes numerous tips on how to handle common puppy problems.

People who have purchased Cesar Millan’s New Dog Combo Pack say the contents are both fun and educational. Some reviewers even claim that Cesar has changed their lives, while other’s gush that Cesar “rules!”.