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They have been referred to by many names: Wolf Hybrids, Wolfdogs, or Wolf/Dog crosses. However, if you were to describe these creatures in an accurate term,  the right name would simply be “Wolfdogs”. There is nothing hybrid about these creatures. In reference to an animal, a hybrid means that the animal came from two different... read on

Mixed dog breeds

Unlike the purebred, the dog of mixed origin boasts no pedigree and holds no place in the ranks of kennel club history, but in every dog lover’s past, the mixed breed dog played an important part. Many owners of mixed breeds refer to them as “just mutts,” or a “Heinz 57 Variety”. Still others try... read on

Dog breed training groups

Investigate each group carefully before becoming a member There are hundreds of dog training books that can be found in libraries, bookstores, and on the Internet. Most of them are just fine and teach thorough, positive training methods. But I have yet to see any of them that make a point of stressing the fact... read on