Cesar Millan

Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan’s Dog Training Video Documentary

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan was a popular reality TV show that starred Cesar Millan as he worked with dogs to curb behavioral dog problems.

Episodes of the show featured the problem dogs of Millan’s guests. The show featured Cesar interviewing his guests and working with their dogs one on one & in group with other dogs.

Millan’s main focus is linked to the fact that dogs are pack animals, which leads him to urging his guests to use suggestions on how they can establish themselves as the ‘leader of the pack’ in order to make their dogs listen to them & become obedient dogs. By becoming the pack leader, dog owners can avoid having to suffer the typical problems that many dog owners complain about, such as barking, disobedience, and aggressive behavior.
The Dog Whisperer thus uses dog training techniques that focus on changing the behavior of the dog owner as a way to change the dogs’ bad habits, stressing discipline and affection as effective positive reinforcement methods.

Dog training video format

Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer dog training video show was recorded in a documentary format and revolved around dog trainer Cesar Millan as he worked with dogs whose issues ranged from excessive barking to far more serious problems that put people at risk. By correcting the often very serious problems that problem dogs caused, Cesar Millan manages to prevent seriously harmful situations which without his help often leads to dogs being unnecessarily medicated or euthanized.

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan attracted an estimated 11 million viewers each week while the show was still on the air.

Each episode introduced difficult dogs as well as their owners in footage depicting the dogs’ behavioral problems as the backdrop to build the story of how ‘bad dogs’ can be transformed into ‘good dogs’.

Using voice-over Cesar Millan describes each situation and then the owners would tell their story and experience with their dogs. Then, the Dog Whisperer would come to the rescue to help amend the problematic situation.

Millan did not review audition videos of any of the dogs and had no knowledge of each dog unless there was a risk of danger to him and his crew. Once he arrived on the scene, he made suggestions to owners on how they could establish themselves as the pack leader so that their dog recognized them as being in charge. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan then demonstrated techniques that could modify the dog’s behavior, showing how to establish dominance over the dog. Frequently, he brought in his own dogs for training sessions, as a way to transfer his dog’s “balanced energy” to the problem dog. In some cases, Cesar brought the dog he was working with to his Dog Psychology Center so that they could stay with Millan’s own dogs for a couple of days; some of the dogs with very problematic behavior would get to spend several weeks in the Dog Psychology Center.

Each episode would end showing the dog Millan worked with exhibiting new, changed behavior, often much to the surprise & great relief of the dog owner’s.

Episodes of course featured owners and families of problem dogs with whom Millan worked. The show’s producers would invite submissions from owners whose dogs exhibited problems such as aggression, fear, odd phobias and obsessive behaviors, or just about anything Dog Whisperer  Cesar Millan could fix. Dog owners were asked for any information that was funny or interesting about their dog and to submit a video showing three examples of the problematic behavior of their pet. Sometimes, the show would feature specific dogs for episodes revolving around a theme, such as spoiled dogs that were the pets of the cast of Beverly Hills Divas.

Interviews with Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

In various interviews, Millan stressed that the show was not to promote dog training, but rather a demonstration of rehabilitative techniques that he favors because they are so effective.

Disclaimer & warnings

The disclaimer Do not attempt the techniques you are about to see without consulting a professional was displayed at the start of each episode. Further warnings with this statement were shown to viewers to reiterate the importance of speaking with a professional dog trainer before starting with dog training. These disclaimers & warnings are especially relevant to dog owners with dogs who were not properly raised and displayed aggressive behavior towards both the dog owners as well as other people they came into contact with, such as neighbors or people they passed by while walking in public spaces.