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Cesar Millan DVD series: Mastering Leadership DVD series

Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership Limited Edition 6 DVD box

If you are ready to create a new relationship with your dog in which you get to be seen as the leader by your dog, then you may want to check out Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD series.

This 6-volume DVD set includes 475 minutes of information on how to introduce your  puppy to your home, how to teach him how to sit and stay, how you can become a leader of the pack and how to handle a different types of bad behavior that your dog may confront you with.

Here’s what you’ll learn through the Mastering Leadership DVDs.

People training for dogs

Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership DVD People Training for Dogs

This first DVD gives you an overview of Millan’s personal story and how he came to develop and adopt his dog training philosophy. From his childhood in Mexico to his early years in the United States, all his experiences came together to create what was to become The Dog Whisperer. Understanding Millan’s path and philosophy allows you to fully understand his belief system and training methods.

Becoming the Pack Leader

Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership DVD Becoming a Pack Leader

The second DVD focuses on one of the foundations of Millan’s training: that the dog owner must be the pack leader, not the dog. He demonstrates this through setting rules, boundaries and using correct body language.

Your New Dog: The First Day and Beyond

If you’ve just gotten a new puppy, this DVD will be helpful as it walks you through those very important first hours with your puppy and which are the very start where you start to form your relationship, which should be done in a balanced way.

With this DVD you’ll also learn how to master crate training and potty training as well.

Sit and Stay the Cesar Way

While Millan doesn’t focus on obedience training himself, this fourth DVD features four other trainers who all work with Cesar to help dog owners learn the basics of teaching their pups to sit, stay as well as obediently follow other commands.

Common Canine Misbehaviors

If your puppy is jumping, chewing, nipping or barking , then this DVD will help you eliminate such misbehavior. Dog owners who are frustrated with these common behavioral problems will find this the most useful DVD in the series.

Raising the Perfect Puppy

In this DVD, Millan demonstrates how you can work with your puppy to turn him into a grown-up dog that you can be proud of. Setting boundaries, establishing leadership and making sure that your puppy gets the right amount of exercise are topics that are covered in detail.

The Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership DVD series contains not less than 475 minutes of education, training and instructions. With such abundance of information, you’re up for a clear shift in your mindset about your relationship with your dog and about what it takes to live a happy, relaxed life with you as the pack leader!