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A yapping dog, guilty of excessive barking, can be a nuisance to everyone in your neighborhood. If this bad habit is not abated, Buddy could become the target of an irate neighbor-turned-poisoner. You could likewise become the target of a civil suit. If you truly love Buddy, give him just four days of your time... read on

The most common issues that people have with new dogs that are kept out in the garden would be the “transplant the shrubbery game”. The cause here is one primarily of boredom. That’s right… sheer boredom. Dogs need toys of their own, just as small children do. As a small child, I recall vividly the... read on

What makes a dog learn? Why does he do the things he does? Attempting to break the family dog of bad habits can be frustrating without the knowledge that it takes the average dog four days to learn the average thing. Being unaware of this fact causes many dog owners to feel they’ve got the... read on

The average American family consists of daddy, mommy, and 2.1 children. The “.1” must, of course, represent Buddy, the family dog. Buddy may have appeared, complete with a red ribbon, as a furry little bundle of Christmas cheer, nestled underneath a brightly decorated tree. But by the time the ornaments and branches have been ingested... read on