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Potty train your dog

When learning how to potty train your dog, bear in mind that a puppy is really just like a baby and will need to be taught how to do things properly. The steps to follow to successfully potty train your dog are: Using a crate Proper timing Managing praise Using the crate One of the best ways... read on

Housebreak a puppy

Let’s face it: one of the problems with puppies is pee & poop. Puppies are like young children in that they don’t come out of the box knowing how to do everything properly. They have to learn as they grow and one the things to learn is where and when to go to the bathroom.... read on

Puppy pads (also called ‘dog pee pads’) are one of the best tools when potty training your new puppy. They can help you direct where your puppy goes to take care of his business in the house. They are much easier to clean up than simple newspapers and most of the pads contain odors that... read on

Potty training dogs

If you want to enjoy owning a puppy, you are going to have to face different challenges. As for the challenge of potty training dogs, it is important to be patient and to start as soon as possible. Potty training can be a long process, depending on the dog, breed, and the time you have... read on

Housebreaking a puppy

As a new dog owner, you may have received conflicting advice on housebreaking a puppy. While many techniques may work, it is important to build a relationship on trust and respect with your puppy, rather than one of fear and domination, and this from the very start of your training. Adhere to these dos and... read on