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Most unnecessary deaths of dogs that occur due to flea collar poisoning are the result of an allergic reaction to the active ingredient. Even if your dog is perfectly well at the time the device placed around his neck, observe your dog closely for the first few days. If your dog should become ill while... read on

Most packages containing flea collars or other similar-type pest-fighting devices usually carry a printed caution on the front: “Do not allow children to play with this collar”. The purchaser is then invited to read the additional precautions printed on the reverse side of the package.  Over 50% of the dog owners polled about their knowledge... read on

When I was younger and living in San Diego, California, a mixed breed lab died a painful death which was eventually traced to the flea collar it was wearing. Years later, in a small town in Texas, a puppy from a litter of 4 died, which was later found to be directly attributed to a... read on