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For those of you that keep your dog inside of the house at all times and away from outdoor dangers from poisonous plants, you may feel relatively safe but there are plenty of precautions to take in what indoor plants you choose to have around the house. You probably have plants decorated inside such as... read on

Did you know that just in North America alone there are almost a thousand species of plants that are considered poisonous to dogs and other house pets? All too often when a dog is taken to the veterinarian for sickness and the vet explains to the owner that it was the result of poison, the dog... read on

Poisoning should be the concern of every dog owner, as well as having other pets in the house. Some pet owners fear that an unfriendly neighbor might deliberately poison their dog because of some real or imagined misbehavior. But cases such as these are, fortunately, very rare. More often, pet poisoning is the result of... read on