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The best dog training in Miami, Florida

It can be challenging to decide which training option in Miami will work best to train your dog. The reviews below will help you get a good idea about the solutions offered by some of the best dog trainers in Miami who will be able to fulfill both your as well as your dog’s individual needs.

Applause Your Paws

At Applause Your Paws, owners are educated about how to build a stronger relationship between them and their dogs. You will learn to communicate and create a sense of trust and respect through positive reinforcement. The school specializes in common behavioral issues such as aggression and over-excitability, but courses are also available for basic obedience and puppy training. Every session at Applause Your Paws is designed around fun and stress-free learning.

Services offered in the Miami area include private lessons for puppy training, in-home obedience and manners, behavior modification, first time dog ownership, refresher puppy courses, preparing your dog for life with a baby in the house, Canine Good Citizen preparation and aggression management.

Group lessons consist of advanced obedience, Nose Work to teach your dog to have fun with its scenting ability, a Growl Class for dogs who behave aggressively among others, Puppy Kindergarten for off-leash socialization, and Tricks & Fun to help you find new ways to enjoy spending quality time with your dog.

Completely Canine

Positive dog training is combined with proper nutrition education to keep your dog healthy and happy at Completely Canine. You will learn to develop a bond between you and your dog through positive reinforcement while overcoming any behavioral or emotional issues.

Private training can be taken at your home or in the store, where you can buy all the dog supplies you need for your pet. In-home training is especially useful for eradicating problem behaviors as your dog is most likely to display them while at home. When you purchase a package of six or more private classes, you receive unlimited group classes for free.

Group classes help your dog socialize in a fun and safe environment with a group of maximum four other dogs. After the Basic Obedience course, you can take Intermediate Obedience, Canine Good Citizen preparation, Tricks (covering “Bang!”, roll over, wave, crawl, and spiral jump), More Tricks (consisting of limp, stand, two-legged walk, bow, and sit back), and Outdoor Adventures where dogs meet at a different location every week to learn how to deal with real life situations and distractions.

Fun Paw Care

Fun Paw Care has more than 25 years of experience in training dogs, puppies, and service dogs. The school was founded by Russell Hartstein, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who is a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the only Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild in Miami. Trainers only use humane and science-based methods that revolve around positive reinforcement and operant and classical conditioning.

Courses offered include:

  • Puppy Training for customized in-home training where your dog will learn basic obedience
  • Daily Dog Walking for dog training while exercising
  • Online Dog Training for support wherever you live in the world
  • Semi-Private Group Dog Training if you would rather take lessons with some friends
  • Dog Obedience Training with clicker for teaching skills and tricks, especially useful for nervous dogs
  • Dog Behavior Modification covering issues such as house soiling, leash pulling, jumping, excitability, separation anxiety, excessive barking, biting, and more

You can also choose to enrol in the all-inclusive dog training Behavior Modification and Boarding where your dog will spend three hours every day for one week in customized sessions.