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10 reasons why you should send your dog to a dog boot camp

Dog obedience training

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t master the kind of training your dog needs. Maybe you are too busy working or raising the kids to give him the attention he needs. Or maybe his personality is just bigger than yours. Here are 10 other reasons why you may need to send your dog to a boot camp:

Your dog needs an attitude adjustment

Like a surly teenager, your dog never listens, sulks around and refuses to behave. Let a skilled trainer help him straighten out by reminding him who’s the leader of the pack so he follows your lead obediently.

Doing the den

You’ve heard that crate training is a great life-long skill for a dog, but you are not sure how to go about it. A good trainer can easily teach your dog this new life.

The bite is worse than the bark

If your dog is being aggressive, especially towards humans, then it’s time to bring in a professional. A stint at dog boot camp can help your dog remember that he is not the pack leader and aggression is not tolerated.

Constant fear

An anxious dog can almost be as problematic as an aggressive dog. Anxiety manifests itself in a number of ways including chewing, barking, soiling and nipping. Furthermore, it keeps your beloved friend from living the wholesome life he deserves, so letting him spend some time with a good trainer might be the key to reducing his anxiety.

Sit, Stay, Learn

Having a well-trained dog makes your life easier and helps your dog to be and stay calm. If you don’t find the time, patience or experience to really give your dog proper training techniques, a dog boot camp may be opportune so your dog gets to master basic and/or more advanced commands.

Shoes will no longer live in fear

Untrained dogs will have destructive habits and practically destroy everything they deem chewable, dig into anything which makes them curious such as the garbage and you may find your dog eating your couch rather than using it as a place to relax.  A professional can addresses these behaviors and correct the underlying causes so they don’t occur in the future.

Only a basketball player needs to jump so much

If your dog thinks he’s Michael Jordan and jumps whenever and wherever he gets a chance to, a dog boot camp can help keep his paws on the ground. Jumping is not only annoying, but also signals disrespect for you.

Foreign phobias

If your dog is afraid of linoleum or scared to touch grass, he may be dealing with a phobia that’s hard to crack. Professional trainers can take the time to truly dissect the problem and solve it permanently.

Advanced learning

If you’d like to transform your dog into a therapy dog or if you’d like him to compete in agility sports, then the best way to get started is to let a good instructor teach your dog the required new skills.

Becoming the Guardian

When you’re raising your dog to become a guard dog, a professional trainer at a boot camp can teach him guarding skills. Guard dogs require advanced management of your dog, so make sure to be fully prepared for the responsibilities that it entails. Finally, remember that just because your dog is learning skills at a boot camp, you shouldn’t stop being the leader in your house. No matter how well trained your dog has become upon arrival home after the boot camp, the behavioral problems will just return if you don’t demonstrate leadership and discipline your dog properly.