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One of the first things to buy before you can start training your dog is a decent dog training collar. There are different types of dog collars available on the market and can be roughly divided into three different categories: Buckle collars, Slip collars and Specialized collars. Buckle collars Buckle collars go around the dog’s... read on

When you and your dog are ready to take your partnership up a notch, then perhaps you should consider a dog agility training course. This type of training will test and train both your dog’s as your own communication skills, along with work focused on evaluating balance, speed and agility skills using a timer and a... read on

One of the many quick fix products to modify a dog’s behavior is the electronic shock collar. Rather than seeking the cause of an unwanted behavior, this cruel solution induces painful electronic shocks to your dog to correct his actions. While almost all training schools have shifted towards reward-based training and positive reinforcement techniques, some... read on

Also called ‘remote shock collars’, ‘electronic collars’ or ‘e-collars’, a remote dog training collar is a device commonly used for distance training. The collar is linked to a hand held remote control that allows the trainer to send an electronic signal to the collar whenever the dog misbehaves or refuses to follow a training command.... read on

Puppy with body harness

You may want to consider having your puppy use a body harness instead of a collar, especially for smaller-sized dogs. Body harnesses are secured with adjustable straps that fasten across the puppy’s chest and over its front legs. There are various styles of body harnesses is to choose from, but the majority of them have... read on

Dog fence

Regardless of how large your backyard may be, all puppies will make their best effort to try to escape. Of course this can be prevented, so long as you have a fence that is secured appropriately. And this is important, as many small communities have local leash laws and pet-oriented ordinances that prohibit dogs from... read on

Dog behind fence

If you have the luxury of owning a backyard piece of property then your puppy or adult dog deserves the freedom of being able to roam outdoors in the yard without the risk of wandering off. Of course this entails creating a fenced enclosure so that he can run free and spend plenty of time... read on

Dog enclosure

When you let your puppy roam free outside on the property, it is essential that you keep the little guy enclosed in some form or fashion. And if you cannot fence the dog inside, then at least leash your dog up. This will prevent him from wandering off and getting hurt by an other animal... read on