Dog socialization

At 3 weeks of age, your puppy is able to use sight and hearing to explore the world outside of the warm and food that mom provides.  This marks the beginning of puppy socialization.  Socialization is the process by which an animals learns how to recognize and interact with which it will live.  Puppy socialization... verder lezen

An obedience school for dogs will train your dog how to be obedient & follow your commands. You can either subscribe for an online training program such as Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer video program, or visit a local training school. Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer video program is... verder lezen

If you have just brought home the most beautiful, sweetest, smartest puppy in the world and are now falling in love with its soulful eyes and happy, wagging tail, you have no doubts about it that just everyone you know is going to fall in love with her as well. Regardless of how cute and... verder lezen

Whether leading the blind, protecting soldiers, helping police officers or simply playing with children, the German Shepherd is known for its beauty, loyalty and intelligence. In order to optimize your training process, it’s important to bear in mind a couple of facts about this versatile breed: German Shepherds grow quickly and can reach up to... verder lezen

Sit is both an important and helpful command because the simple action of sitting helps your dog to calm down. The sit command is used in different ways in order to teach your dog how to behave well. Some dog owners ask their dog to sit before receiving their meal. Others make their dog sit... verder lezen

Uncontrolled barking can be one of the most frustrating aspects of dog ownership. Managing his barking habits well from the very start of your relationship is the best way to avoid puppy love turning into puppy hate. The first thing to do is to examine the reasons behind your dog is so vocal. Is he of a... verder lezen

So you have a new puppy in your home which you’d like to train to become a guard dog one day, rather than a regular family dog. What is the difference in raising and training a puppy so that one day your dog will be guarding you, your family and your house? These are the... verder lezen