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How to train a Doberman puppy

Before buying a Doberman puppy, make sure to do some research about this unique dog breed so you have a clear understanding of what training your dog will need and how you can help him grow up into a balanced dog.

Dobermans are intelligent, powerful and deeply loyal to their family. If not handled well, the Doberman’s power and protectiveness can become dangerous, so focusing on being a confident leader for your dog is important.

The basic rules for effective Doberman training are:

Starting with socialization

As with any puppy, basic training which includes early socialization are essential. A good place to start with getting the basic training right is by subscribing to Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training program which includes several training video’s that will demonstrate how to effectively socialize your dog.

Public place exposure

Once he is fully immunized, take him to public places such as parks or pet stores that welcome dogs. This lets him experience all kinds of sights and sounds, and learn to behave correctly when he’s in the company of other people and dogs.

Be patient and firm

Also be patient, but firm when taking him outdoors so that he begins to understand and read your cues. However, with a breed like the Doberman, leadership training is equally vital. You must be leader of the pack in the house.

Start early

It’s important to start training your puppy as early as possible. After getting him home and settled, establishing rules and boundaries are the first thing to start with.

No jumping

Start teaching your puppy to not jump up when greeting you. Don’t give him attention or cuddling when he starts this natural puppy behavior. Give him a firm “No!”, then ignore him. Eventually he will learn that to get your attention and affection, he must first be calm and refrain from jumping.

No trespassing

Decide where and when your dog can sit and sleep. Even if he is allowed on the couch, you should still give permission to do so. It is a good idea to deny permission sometimes, so he remembers that you are in charge and are making the rules.

Obedience training

Invest sufficient time into rigorous obedience training. Not only will you get an obedient dog, but you will also form a closer bond which will make your relationship more enjoyable. You can either hire a professional trainer to train your Doberman puppy, or train your dog yourself in a fun, quick and effective way with Doggy Dan’s video program.

Become (and remain) the pack leader

Even more so than with other dog breeds, it absolutely essential, even critical, that you establish yourself as the leader of the pack from the very moment you get your Doberman puppy. You don’t want a large, intelligent and powerful dog breed like a Doberman running the show in your house!