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The best dog training in Melbourne

If you are looking for dog training in Melbourne, you may want to consider the following three highly regarded trainers and schools:

Positive K9 Training

Positive K9 Training offers dog training & puppy training programs that educate the dog owning public, giving them the skills and confidence needed to be responsible canine guardians and to train their dogs to be safe and trusted members of the community.

In their In Home Dog Training program, head trainer Chris Loverseed uses a holistic approach to help you modify your dog’s behaviour and concentrate on teaching them the skills needed to be a well behaved and obedient dog. Most issues can be resolved in one or two sessions, allowing peace and harmony back in your life and more enjoyable relationship with your dog.

The Puppy School Classes teach you the skills needed to give your four legged friend the best possible start to life. For puppies 8-16 weeks is commonly referred to as the critical socialisation period and or the imprinting period, this is the most crucial time in your puppies life and proper training is key. Most behavioural issue’s in dogs can be prevented via correct handling and training from puppies.

Positive K9 Training also offers the following additional services

  • Dog board and train
  • Puppy school
  • Dog obedience training
  • Dog talent and handling

Planet K9

At Planet K9, trainers teach positive methods that can be applied to all breeds and utilized by your whole family. Puppy Playschool, a course for puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks, teaches socialization skills, basic obedience, housetraining, and deals with issues such as playful biting. Owners of rescue dogs are recommended to follow the Post Adoption Training program to better manage settling their dog into their home and to deal better with potential problems.

Your dog can then move on to the Basic Manners Course which starts with a one-hour private lesson followed by six group classes. Your dog will learn practical skills such as greeting visitors and other dogs, focusing attention, basic commands and tricks, grooming etiquette, walking on a loose leash, and how to negotiate a confidence course. This dog training course in Melbourne also solves common problems including barking, chewing, and digging.

Dogs who graduate can take an Advanced Obedience Course where they will learn on and off the leash heeling, non-verbal distance commands, extended stays, object retrieval, and more. An alternative is the Small Paw Playgroup where dogs weighing less than10 kg can use the agility equipment and play games. In addition, Active dogs will enjoy the Agility Racing classes, offered at beginner to advanced levels, where they learn to navigate obstacles. Addtionally, there’s the K9 Allsports Course, a mixture of obedience, flyball, agility, and dog tricks training.

Command Dog Training School

Command Dog Training School made it as a finalist in the Whitehorse Business Awards competition and has received a certification of high commendation from the organization in 2003. This dog training school in Melbourne offers a range of services for dogs of all ages in different group classes, private lessons, and at home training.

Kindergarten Puppy Training teaches owners how to handle dogs aged 8 to 18 weeks by using proper methods of training, correcting, and socialization to avoid behavioral problems in the future. Children aged 10 and older may participate in the sessions while younger family members can attend as observers.

Home training is available to owners who are too busy to attend the school but want to correct behavioral problems such as jumping, biting, and pulling clothes off the line. An individualized approach is used for every dog and there is no fixed set standard amount of sessions.

This dog training center also offers intermediate and advanced training classes in four levels. Owners and dogs who pass the Advanced Level 2 course are chosen for Demonstration Team Training where they and their dogs learn to execute more challenging tricks.

Ian The Dog Trainer

Full time, professional dog trainer and behavioral consultant Ian The Dog Trainer has 20 years of experience with training dogs in their own homes. Ian believes that no puppy is too young and no dog is too old to learn good behavior. He uses proven methods to teach owners how to train and manage their companion dogs including raising, conditioning, socializing puppies, and preventing and rectifying problems in dogs of all ages. The whole family is involved in the training process, including children.

Ian can help you settle a new puppy into your home by providing you with advice ranging from feeding and housetraining to communication and routine building. He believes in training a dog as an individual and not in a group in order to achieve the best results.
Ian also deals with problem dogs exhibiting a number of behaviorial problems such as ignoring commands, aggression, separation anxiety, chewing, biting, barking, digging, scratching doors, and becoming overly excitable.