Finding the best grooming brush for your dog

Dog grooming brushes

There are specific brushes and combs to use on dogs, all based according to what you need to accomplish. It’s not too different than when people need a round brush for curling with a blow dryer versus a natural bristle brush for normal dry brushing, etc.

If you do not plan on showing your dog then there is no need to get lost in too many details on the perfect brush. For example you might use: a pin brush or slicker brush for the same purpose – or – a curry comb instead of a hound glove.

To better help you make the best choice as to what brush or comb you need to get your dog properly groomed and looking nice, below is a quick-starter guide on all types of brushes and what hair type is best to use them with. All you have to do is choose the right tools that match the individual breed type and hair texture of your dog.

Bristle brush

This brush has soft and gentle bristles, and are usually made of all-natural material. It is a lot like natural bristled brushes that are sold for people. They result in less electricity in your dog’s hair, whereas nylon will let the static electricity build up within the coat. These brushes distribute natural oil though the hair and smooth out the hair. They are an all purpose type of brush, perfect for any dog, especially the long-haired types.

Slicker brush

This brush is made up of “teeth” type bristles that can be very harsh, but they are very close together and are essential for some dog’s coats. The brush readily removes all dead hair from the fur and can remove mats when used properly. These brushes are best for curly haired dogs and long-haired dogs.

Conversely, this is great for a dog that sheds a lot in the house as you can remove lots of hair with the very little effort.

Curry brush rubber types

This is usually an oval-type of brush. It simply puts a polish on the dog’s coat and gets rid of dead hair which will result in far less shedding. At the same time, it does not harm the skin since it has rounded rubber type bristles. This brush is perfect for sensitive skin and smooth-coated dog breeds.

Pin brush

These brushes are best used on really long and fine-haired breeds, or heavy-coated dogs that have double coats. The purpose of the brush is to remove tangles in the long-haired dog and with wiry coats that are tough, as it helps to give them a good brush out before stripping the hair by hand.

Combs: fine, medium and wide-toothed

Dogs with silky, soft hair or with fine-to-medium texture needs a fine-to-medium comb. The comb will remove the final remains of tangles and can often help remove flea dirt as well as the fleas themselves. You should use a wide-toothed comb on a coat that is dense and very thick. The purpose is the same – to finally remove all the tangles.

Coat rake, mat comb, or mat splitter

When you are dealing with mats and tangles use a spray detangler along with one of these tools. This is best used on curly and long-coated dogs.

Hound glove

As the name suggests, this is a glove that you slip on and use the side covered with natural bristles to brush your dog. Smooth-coated dogs benefit from this as it helps to remove dead hair in an efficient manner, while adding a shine to the coat.