Dog leashes

The Flexi-Lead dog leash

Flexi Lead dog leash

As your puppy gets a little older, the most important training aid that you will need will be a variety of dog training leashes. Of course using certain collars and leashes may seem a bit structured and strict to use when training your puppy, but they are meant to be a temporary tool designed to help your dog understand the rules when it comes to certain activities and behaviors.

Not only are leashes and certain training leads a positive way to condition your dog, but they also can help him with safety issues. Take driving in your car for example. Every dog loves to hang outside the window to feel the cool air and to sniff all the aromas of the outside world, but accidents do happen and by having a short leash to hold onto him while you are going down the road, you will ensure that no terrible accidents will happen such as your dog falling out of the window. And using a dog leash is equally important whenever you are outside walking your dog in public places.

Why choosing the Flexi-Lead dog leash?

There are many different forms of dog leashes that you can purchase. For basic dog training needs and outdoor walks, my all time favorite leash to use is called a Flexi-Lead. This product not only does a great job by giving your puppy lots of room to walk and even run at large distances while still being attached under your control, but it is also tons of fun.

Flexi-Leads are mechanically designed to allow the leash to uncoil and travel any distance you allow your dog to run with. The great thing about this leash is that you can stop the distance at any time by simply pressing a lever. Think of the possibilities. You can sit at a park and allow your dog to roam 10 feet away, 15 feet, or even longer, and still have the security knowing that he will not escape.

Use caution with the Flexi-Lead

When you use this type of leash it is also wise to be conscious of your surroundings and the dangers that may come along with your dog’s ability to roam longer distances than with a normal leash.  Walking your dog with a Flexi-Lead becomes a lot more dangerous for your dog as he is able to wander off a little bit of a distance than normal, allowing him to explore.

For example, it is not advised to use a Flexi-Lead when walking through busy streets, sideways, and other areas where there is a lot of people coming and going.  Unless you have become very handy at operating this leash, you are better suited to use a standard dog leash with your dog when walking the busy streets and other highly populated areas.