Buying a puppy

Choosing the right puppy to buy

Adding a puppy to your family is a long-term commitment. Depending upon the breed you select, the life span of a dog can be 10 to 20 years or more. Having a clear idea of your expectations of your puppy and finding the best breed for you can ensure that your puppy will be a perfect... verder lezen

Shopping for a new puppy, especially one that comes with a guarantee of health against poor temperament and inheritable diseases, can be very expensive if your budget cannot handle it. So where else can you go to get your puppy? Family breeders, pets shops, and puppy mills are three alternatives. The family breeder is a... verder lezen

Bringing home a new puppy from the kennel is supposed to be a joyous experience for the entire family, especially for the kids. But when your pup starts to break out into strange temperaments and illnesses that you did not know the animal had, the experience can turn quickly to sadness and despair. This is... verder lezen

Buying a new puppy

“He always looks for me when he feels an attack coming on. His eyes glaze over, he starts panting, and then the convulsions begin. I just sit on the floor and pet him and sweet talk him. There is nothing that I can do but let him know I’m there and that I care about... verder lezen

Dog with puppies

When considering buying a puppy for the first time and are not sure whether or not bringing a pet into the house will be a positive experience, just ask around and I can guarantee that you will never find a dog owner who was not happy.  Puppies are a great addition to any household, regardless... verder lezen

Older puppy

Most of the time people purchase new puppies and bring them home around the age of six to eight weeks. This is the perfect time period in which they are best to be weaned from their mother and conditioned to live with you and the rest of the family. It makes bonding much easier because... verder lezen