Dog trainers Canada

The best dog training in Toronto

There are numerous dog training schools in Toronto that offer a wide variety of dog training courses. The following schools are considered te be among the best.

Deena Speaks Dog

The puppy and dog training Deena Speaks Dog is offered in four locations: Forest Hill, Mount Pleasant & Davisville, Beaches, and Swansea.
Starting with Puppy Conditioning, this five-week course takes a positive approach to teaching your young dog basic obedience commands. The trainer will also teach you how to prevent typical puppy problems such as barking, chewing, jumping up, biting, and house soiling.

Your dog can then move on to Beyond Basics, followed by Canine Good Neighbour, an eight-week course that teaches dogs how to behave at home, in public places, and when they’re hanging out with other dogs. On completion, you will receive a certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club.

They also offer eight-week long agility courses at three levels of difficulty and Outdoor Tune-Up lessons that focus on safety outdoors, including playing with other dogs and responding to commands without becoming distracted.

All of the above classes can be taken as group classes with four to 12 dogs, or you can request private obedience training.

Dog Gone Right

Dog Gone Right uses an individualized approach to suit every dog. This can involve training focused on praising & rewarding, clicker training and using games & toys. You will learn how to create a bond with your dog through communication in classes from Puppyhood to Advanced Obedience. Alternatively, you can pick private behavior counseling and training customized to help your dog with a specific issue.

In Puppy Learn & Play, dogs younger than five months learn socialization and obedience through play. They can then graduate to Basic Obedience where they are taught simple commands. In the Intermediate Obedience and Advanced Obedience classes, you and your dog will work further on improving responses in groups and developing off-leash training skills.

Agility dog training is a perfect way for dogs with a lot of energy to exercise especially if you do not have enough space in your backyard to set up a course. Your dog will learn teamwork skills through weaving, leaping, jumping bars, crawling tunnels, and, above all, having fun. Another option is the Trick classes to impress your friends and create a closer bond with your companion.

Alpha Paws

The philosophy of Alpha Paws is based especially on teaching good manners and respect. You can start pre-school puppy training during the first few months of owning your puppy, where you will learn important information about raising a dog including proper diet and nutrition.

Following the introductory course, you can enrol your dog in a residency program lasting 10-days, plus five follow-up lessons for the family with training equipment included. Alternatively, you can opt for private lessons that come in sets of five at three different levels.

The first residency course is a Basic Obedience program that teaches the necessary commands where distance and distractions gradually increase as the training progresses. The Basic Obedience course can be followed by the Off-Leash program where dogs need to pay closer attention in order to follow hand signals that are separate from verbal cues. The residency programs can also include aggression control and housebreaking training that is assessed for individual cases.