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The best dog training in NYC

If you are looking for dog training in New York City, the following reviews of three of the top dog training NYC centers will help you decide which would be a good fit for you and your dog.

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Past customers consistently give the Instinct Dog Behavior & Training school in NYC the highest ratings. Specialized in training and rehabilitation of any breed, age, and behavioral issue, Instinct focuses its training on teaching the owner how to form a relationship with the dog by leading with compassion and confidence. Even the most troubled dogs can be aided to live a normal, happy life.

The staff at the center consists of highly knowledgeable, skilled, and fully qualified professionals who have rehabilitated and trained all types of dogs suffering from a diverse range of behavioral issues. Trainers can help with problems such as dogs jumping on guests, aggression toward humans or other dogs, separation anxiety, and  a wide range of other common and less common dog problems.

Puppy development is available for dogs aged 8 to 16 weeks through free group puppy socialization, private instruction, or full-time puppy raising. All the above focus on exploring, encouraging, relationships and building confidence.

The school also owns different training dogs that work along with the trainers to help rehabilitate aggressive dogs, teach puppy socialization, boost the confidence of nervous dogs, and demonstrate obedience tasks to clients. These dogs are used in classes and private training sessions to act as a distraction during walks, to calm down nervous dogs, to allow aggressive dogs to socialize, and to help dogs learn how to communicate.

Wag The Dog

Dog training at Wag The Dog is based around communication between dogs and dog owners. Owners are taught to work with their dogs and dogs are instructed to listen to their owners. All training is completely humane and is based on trust rather than fear.

The school specializes in methods to handle dogs in crowded city streets including situations such as passing other dogs during walks, when encountering joggers, traveling in elevators, and other occasions. In addition, trainers work closely with two of the largest animal shelters in NYC: the ASPCA and AC&C.

Everything from basic obedience to resolving behavioral problems is covered in at-home training and group classes. Sessions taken at home allow dogs to learn behaviors in a relevant environment while also allowing you to arrange training that fits your schedule, needs, and the abilities of your dog. Group classes are all conducted using clicker training practices because of its gentle character and effective results.

Andrea Arden Dog Training NYC

Voted “Best of NYC” by New York Magazine, Andrea Arden Dog Training NYC is one of the highest regarded dog training schools in the US. Methods used are humane, positive, and scientifically proven. The trainers believe strongly in the philosophy of positive reinforcement. The school is located within a pet store and grooming spot, so owners can buy any dog supplies they need before, during, or after class.

With 18 years of dog training experience in all aspects of dog behavior, the trainers at Andrea Arden can help with housetraining, preventing puppy nipping, resolving barking issues, improving social skills between people and other dogs, separation anxiety, leash training, agility training, and more.

Training is available as private lessons, group classes, special seminars, as well as puppy play sessions that can help improve socialization skills under a supervised environment. When you sign up for six-week training sessions, you will receive homework, class assignments, and will be motivated to work hard to meet the set goals in order to graduate. The group classes are best for small to medium puppies.