Dog fences

Keeping your dog from wandering off outside

Dog fence

When you let your puppy roam free outside on the property, it is essential that you keep the little guy enclosed in some form or fashion. And if you cannot fence the dog inside, then at least leash your dog up. This will prevent him from wandering off and getting hurt by an other animal or a moving vehicle.

If you are in search of purchasing an enclosure such as a dog pen or a tie out, here are a few research tips to help you choose the appropriate security item which would suit your dog and landscape best.

Start by asking yourself these 3 questions:

1. Based on how well you know your dog, what type of personality does he have and how well does he handle being confined? Is he the type of dog that will try to escape knowing that he cannot get past a certain barrier mark?

2. When you have an enclosure put up outside, how do you plan on using it when confining your dog? In other words, will you be by your dog’s side at all times when he is out or do you plan on using the fenced in area or tie out as a way to keep him secure when you’re not at home?

3. Based on your dog’s temperament, are you aware of what type of confinement his personality will allow without creating chaos for your pet? Using a secured lead may create anxiety. A fenced in area that is too small may also be a negative experience for your dog.

Can’t I just simply train my dog to stay on the property and do without a security fence or leash?

This is a big mistake. Initially when your young puppy is new to the outside world and is just getting used to the fact that he can play around the yard, letting him loose without any security is a dangerous choice. Your dog may not understand what his boundaries are and end up wandering off into danger or being fatally injured from traffic.

Not only is safety an issue here, but the fact of the matter is that it is virtually impossible to train a puppy to stay on a certain area of land at such a young age, especially if there are other houses, sidewalks, and streets nearby. Yes, some breed types can be trained, but to successfully train a dog to stay within certain confines of your property without a fence or leash takes a specific type of dog temperament.