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Uncontrolled barking can be one of the most frustrating aspects of dog ownership. Managing his barking habits well from the very start of your relationship is the best way to avoid puppy love turning into puppy hate. The first thing to do is to examine the reasons behind your dog is so vocal. Is he of a... read on

Barking puppy

Almost all dogs bark, whine, or howl at times. While sometimes this can be with good reason, such as for communication or expressing a certain need, the behavior can become excessive and annoying. In order to control barking, you need to teach your dog when it is acceptable to bark and when he should remain... read on

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Dogs are not born as “problem dogs”. Instead, they become problem dogs as a result of human dog owner inadequacies. The shortcomings of dog owners are to blame as the real culprit for bad behaving dogs. And although most serious canine problems tend to develop during the most critical period of a dog’s life, which... read on

Barking puppy

For any new dog owner, handling all of the loud barking of a new puppy can be quite an unnerving experience. Most new dog owners are not prepared for the intense amount of barking and yelping that young puppies start doing the minute they arrive in their new home.  Although it is totally natural, some... read on