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One of the first things to buy before you can start training your dog is a decent dog training collar. There are different types of dog collars available on the market and can be roughly divided into three different categories: Buckle collars, Slip collars and Specialized collars. Buckle collars Buckle collars go around the dog’s... read on

Puppy with body harness

You may want to consider having your puppy use a body harness instead of a collar, especially for smaller-sized dogs. Body harnesses are secured with adjustable straps that fasten across the puppy’s chest and over its front legs. There are various styles of body harnesses is to choose from, but the majority of them have... read on

Flexi-Lead dog leash

As your puppy gets a little older, the most important training aid that you will need will be a variety of dog training leashes. Of course using certain collars and leashes may seem a bit structured and strict to use when training your puppy, but they are meant to be a temporary tool designed to... read on