Basic supplies

Required supplies before bringing home your puppy

Puppy supplies

Before you rush out and purchase a new puppy, you need to first be prepared with the appropriate supplies needed at home. New puppies need more than just food and water, especially during the first night at the house. Here are a few basic supplies you’ll to get started.

Food and water bowl

For starters, your new puppy will need to have his own food and water bowl. The best types of bowls to get should be made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel dog bowls are hypoallergenic, clean easily, and can last a very long time. Be sure to avoid plastic food and water bowls at all costs.

We advise against plastic bowls because dogs have a tendency to chew up the sides of plastic bowls which create sharp dents and can cause minor cuts and scrapes  to your dog’s gums.  And of course there is the danger of your dog biting off a piece of plastic and swallowing it. Make sure that both bowls are full and ready to go as soon as your puppy arrives.

Nutrition plan

Deciding on what to feed your puppy is an important decision and you should have put together a nutrition plan ahead of time before bringing your new friend home. Most new dog owners buy dry dog food because they think that it has all of the nutritional needs their puppies will need. Although dry food may be convenient, it is not the best source of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats for your growing puppy. It is best to consult with an animal nutritional expert will talk with your local breeder as they are professionals at raising healthy dogs.


Be sure to have a place for your puppy to sleep.  Bedding is essential but does not have to be fancy or complicated.  In fact, it is best at first to pile some of your old clothes that still have your scent on them for your new puppy to sleep in.  This way he will fill a little more secure with your scent around. You can of course purchase a more elaborate setup but it is not necessary.


Toys are an absolute must have for a new puppy. However, many new dog owners go a little overboard and bring home lots of different toys, most of which are unnecessary. And if you have too many dog toys lying around it really complicates trying to train your dog to not nibble on everything in the house.  It becomes confusing to your puppy to decipher what is his and what is yours. The best puppy toys are old socks, shoes, or small balls that are big enough to play with but not too small for your puppy to swallow.