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Recent studies and arguments for the positive health changes associated with the older female dog and spaying,  indeed only indicate benefits of spaying. But are there also any drawbacks? Some veterinarians think there are, but by comparison they are minor. Now and then a dog might show a very slight shedding condition after spaying. This... read on

If your dearly beloved older female dog is not spayed, consider for a moment the positive reasons for having your vet perform the operation. Spaying will not only prevent health problems, potential diseases, and may even increase the dog’s energy and well-being, but it could also prove to be beneficial for the following reasons: Prevention of... read on

Older female dogs should not be left to become pregnant, especially if by accident. While  you may not agree with this notion, it can only enlighten your opinion by understanding a few solid reasons why these senior citizen lady dogs should be fixed. In addition to the prevention of inheritable diseases and avoiding physical problems... read on

Most dog owners admit that there is a serious dog population explosion, but when it comes to spaying or neutering the family pet, that decision, as it’s now personal, is much harder to make. “Should I have my older female dog spayed since we don’t want to have any more puppies?” “My older female dog,... read on

Does having your dog spayed or neutered make a negative difference in their behavior or personality? Afraid that their dog will become a fat, lethargic “nothing” is a popular misconception believed by too many dog owners. True, metabolic needs change after the operation (especially in regard to food), but with proper supervision of diet and... read on

The neutering and spaying of male and female dogs not only helps future generations of the animals but also contributes to the well-being of existing pets. The spaying of females is never given a second thought by most people, unless breeding is definite because of the problems when the female comes into season. Unfortunately, the... read on

Did you know that more pets are abandoned during the hot summer months than any other time of the year? Families pick up a puppy for the children to enjoy during their vacation at the shore or in the mountains, and abandon it on the way home. In sections of Long Island, New York and... read on

Oddly enough, some of the greatest protesters of spaying and neutering pets are those people that consider their dogs not only part of the family, but also part of their religion. “Until I asked my priest, I was afraid that I was going against my religious beliefs by spaying my dog,” said one woman dog... read on

Unwanted dogs and other pets are often times carelessly tossed on the side of the road where they are expected to pick up their instincts to live in the wild and survive. But it does not work that way. Those dogs that are abandoned in the woods are destined for a slow, painful death, usually... read on

Many dog owners consider it too costly to get their animal spayed or neutered, too much of an expense – one that is usually put off for a long period of time until either the dog gets pregnant or hurt trying to escape the yard and roam free outside while looking for a mate. For... read on