New puppy

The perfect age for bringing home a puppy

Bringing home a puppy

The day your puppy comes home to stay is often a fun and exciting time. Usually there is something that makes it a special occasion to remember, an occasions adults always seem to be able to call upon no matter how many decades have gone by.

Someday this puppy will be all grown up and hopefully following the rules of the house. But alas, you have a long way to go before a well mannered dog develops from that playful new puppy. But never fear you can make it positive and successful. You must begin right away, as soon as the little guy or gal walks in the door.

Puppies are like babies: they require a lot of attention & care!

It is very normal for most pups and owners to experience some difficulties within the first few days of arriving. It can’t be helped with the world of his litter mates suddenly gone and an entirely new world thrown upon them. But good humor must prevail and with patience you can accomplish things in a good way for the entire family.

The best puppy age range to bring home is commonly thought to be 6 to 8 weeks of age. But to be exact, a lot of breeders believe 9 weeks to be best. With a puppy in this age range there will be a need for frequent rest periods, mainly in the afternoon, with some in the morning.

And take heed, when your puppy first arrives in his new home he might seemingly go crazy to explore anything and everything for several days while he adjusts. But this will pass and as long your puppy isn’t in harm’s way or hurting anything then let the little squirt have at it.

The 8-week old pup

If you have brought home a puppy that is 8 weeks then beware from the start. This pup is at a stage that is called the fear stage. Thus anything that is heard by the puppy or done to this puppy could cause fear that lasts a long time and takes a while for him to grow out of (if ever). So you will have to be more patient during this age and let your new puppy take the time needed to explore and adjust.

The 10-week old pup

For a puppy that is 10 weeks or slightly older, you will have brought home a bundle of energy. This puppy will play more and sleep less, especially a large breed dog. But the positive aspect of this is you can more easily get your puppy to stick with you and keep his attention on you for both play time and training sessions.