New puppy

Tips when giving a puppy as a present

Puppy present

Birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations where gifts are exchanged are a time of fun, good food, and merriment – and giving the gift that keeps on giving – a new puppy – should be  accompanied with proper education to the new owner as well.

Keep an eye on the children!

Most puppies are given as gifts to children. The biggest tip here is to keep in mind that new puppies are not toys! Even though it may seem cruel to take it from the kids – when everyone, including the puppy, is having such a good time – it should have frequent rest periods. This can be the beginning of the learning process of necessary care by the children for their new friend.

A new bike and a new puppy go well together; however, they can lead to an automobile accident involving child and puppy alike if the animal is allowed to chase after the bike on a busy street.

The same is true, of course, for roller blades, skateboards, sleds, and ball playing. The street is not a good playground for a puppy – or an older dog for that matter; and unless you live in the country, it’s not too good for the children either.

Before you bring a new puppy home you should acquire those items which will be necessary for its well-being and comfort. Proper food is the most essential item. Perhaps a good hard rubber ball – not too big but also not small enough to be swallowed; chew sticks and puppy treats would also be a good idea.

Of course it will need a bed and its own food and water dishes, but these can come from the household supply before the arrival of the new pet. A collar (or harness) and leash will help the puppy get off to a good start.

Giving a puppy to a friend

A puppy is not a good gift for anyone outside your own home unless you are absolutely sure the recipient wants one, and you know their choice of breed and sex. In any case, a surprise gift can often become a burden rather than a joy if the friend really did not want it. A puppy can’t be put in the attic and forgotten. Hopefully, though it’s going to be around for a long time.

A good book on care and training plus a short lecture on the responsibilities of pet ownership can be given to the new owner with the puppy, or shortly after the glow of first sight has worn off.