New puppy

Preparations for driving home a new puppy

Driving home a new puppy

If you have been wanting to get a puppy and the day has finally arrived where you were going to welcome the new member of the family, you should be prepared for the ride home with a little puppy.

Seat protection

You want your puppy to be comfortable during the drive and he may have a tendency to move around a bit, so be sure to bring along a thick large sheet that you can spread across the area of the seat. This will keep him as comfortable as possible, as well as help fill in some of the side pockets and gaps of the car with the excess sheet material. The last thing you want is to find that your new puppy has fallen in between the seat and the car door.

Paper towels

Bring a roll of paper towels that can be used in case of an accident.  Remember, your new puppy is completely untrained and has no comprehension when it comes to using the bathroom.  He may urinate or even poop during the drive home.  In addition, if he is extremely nervous and gets an upset stomach from the bumpy ride, your puppy may vomit.  Extra paper towels will indeed come in handy here.

Cardboard box

For extra safety and security, bring a small cardboard box or crate in which your puppy can sit in during the drive home. This is an even better option than simply laying a thick sheet across the seat. Your new friend will be protected from all sides and there is little-to-no chance that he will use the bathroom in your car seat.  Be sure to layer the bottom of the box with a light towel so that he is comfortable.

Comfort during the ride home

If possible, try to bring along a friend or family member that can sit with the puppy and offer him comfort while you are driving.  The pup is scared, nervous, and very confused, so having someone there to hold and caress the pup will alleviate some of the stress.

Soothing music

Last but not least, drive slowly and play some soothing music such as classical or smooth jazz. Believe it or not, the puppy will be sensitive to the soft music that is playing.  It will help comfort him during the trip.