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DGP (Dog Gone Pain), a herbal remedy for joint pain in dogs

Many dogs, especially older dogs, suffer joint pains. This frequently occurs when dogs have arthritis, a condition that can affect them just as it can affect humans. If your pet has joint pain and is not moving around as well as he or she should be, you can improve your dog’s mobility in a way that is completely natural and safe. This remedy is known as DGP (Dog Gone Pain), a supplement that can provide your pet with pain relief in the joints.


DGP is a herbal remedy for dogs that has proven to be effective and is a much better alternative to getting prescription medications from your veterinarian. Studies have been performed by researchers in West Virginia on this supplement and have proven that DGP alleviates stiffness in the joints, relieves pain and discomfort and even helps to increase your pet’s energy levels.

Study & results

The individual who has led the study on DGP had claimed to have heard rumors about the supplement having great beneficial properties for dogs. Dogs with pain and stiffness in the joints were given DGP and turned out to become healthier. After taking the DGP, the facilitator found that her dog no longer had difficulty in standing up or sitting as it was no longer affected by the crippling pain that had been ailing it for years.

In only five days, the facilitator of the DGP study noticed that her dog had improved dramatically. The dog was moving around fine, obviously without pain, and after a few weeks, she reported her pet as running around just like any other normally healthy dog. In addition, her pet was in exceptionally high spirits and sprinting around in ways that she hadn’t seen in years.

As a result of the positive results that were noted from giving dogs with joint pain and stiffness DGP, the study facilitator contacted the US distributor of the supplement, American BioSciences, because she wanted to put the product to the test in an official manner. The plans for a big case study were revealed, specifically that a group of dogs that had joint pain would be given DGP. A test would then be performed with this herbal remedy for dogs, with the results published afterward, regardless of whether it was successful or not.

While most companies would have been reluctant, to say the least, to be involved in such a study or to comply with it, American BioSciences was on board. The organization was clearly confident in the results being positive and that dogs with joint pain would benefit as a result. Ultimately, the facilitator’s study proved to be successful, and the herbal remedy for dogs passed the test with flying colors. Research proved that DGP is a unique formula that is guaranteed to work to ease joint pain in dogs and naturally increase their mobility and energy levels and did so within mere days after it is administered.