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While there are plenty of dog trainers out there willing to teach your dog to be obedient, one man has captured the attention of many dog owners by declaring that he rehabilitates dogs and trains people. Cesar Millan has turned his natural ability to connect with dogs into a multi-million dollar business and into television... read on

There are numerous dog training schools in Toronto that offer a wide variety of dog training courses. The following schools are considered te be among the best. Deena Speaks Dog The puppy and dog training Deena Speaks Dog is offered in four locations: Forest Hill, Mount Pleasant & Davisville, Beaches, and Swansea. Starting with Puppy Conditioning,... read on

With such a large number of highly commended dog training options in Tampa, it can be hard to choosing the right one for your dog. We’ve summarized the approach and offer of three of the best ones below. Courteous Canine Along with regular dog training services, Courteous Canine offers some unique activities and classes. Standard services include... read on

There is a wide range of options for dog training in Sydney, but it is important to know which are reliable and suitable for your needs before you sign up for classes. The following reviews will help you on your way to finding the school that suits you best. Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Located... read on

The following three dog training centers in San Diego have consistently received the highest recommendations from their customers: Woof! Dog Training San Diego The Woof! Dog Training School San Diego is perfect for anyone who wants their dog to be well-behaved, obedient, and complying with rules taught through an enjoyable and rewarding teaching experience. The philosophy... read on

There is a wide variety of dog training options in Phoenix, but only a few stand out as the best. The following brief reviews of three of the best training centers will help you on your way to finding the trainer that best suits the needs of both you as well as your dog. Dog... read on

It can be challenging to decide which training option in Miami will work best to train your dog. The reviews below will help you get a good idea about the solutions offered by some of the best dog trainers in Miami who will be able to fulfill both your as well as your dog’s individual... read on

If you are looking for dog training in Melbourne, you may want to consider the following three highly regarded trainers and schools: Positive K9 Training Positive K9 Training offers dog training & puppy training programs that educate the dog owning public, giving them the skills and confidence needed to be responsible canine guardians and to train their dogs to be... read on

There a large number of highly regarded dog training facilities in Los Angeles. Here are three of them which you may want to consider. The Well-Heeled Dog The Well-Heeled Dog offers private in-home training, group classes, behavior modification services, puppy training and socialization, family dog training, and free safety talks. Trainer Susan Isaacs is a Certified Professional Dog... read on

In order to get the best quality dog training, choose a school whose philosophy is centered around humane methods and positive reinforcement. The following are reviews of three of the best dog training centers in Las Vegas that follow such philosophy. Gibson’s Canine Classroom Trainer Mark Gibson personally provides all classes at Gibson’s Canine Classroom. He... read on