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The best dog training in Sydney

There is a wide range of options for dog training in Sydney, but it is important to know which are reliable and suitable for your needs before you sign up for classes. The following reviews will help you on your way to finding the school that suits you best.

Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club

Located in Centennial Park, Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club has more than 50 years of experience working to help dogs become well-trained and happy. You can train your pet to become the perfect companion by attending classes regularly, following the training tips, and completing the 10-minute daily homework tasks. The prices and quality of the training provided make this school very good value for money.

Six-week puppy classes are available for dogs aged 12 weeks to 6 months, after which your dog can graduate to Week 4 of the Adult Dog Beginner Classes when reaching 6 months of age. After completing these classes, your dog can move on to Class 1 of the advanced level and must pass promotion tests to continue moving up.

The school also offers Activity Training Classes to prepare your dog for Agility competitions. You and your dog will learn to navigate obstacle courses that include bar jumps, tire jumps, tunnels, weaves, broad jumps, and pause tables.

AJ’s Puppy School & Dog Training

Methods used at AJ’s Puppy School & Dog Training are simple and effective. Puppies learn good manners and social skills in a supervised environment where they can interact with other dogs and people. During adult dog training, pets learn simple commands to improve their obedience skills. Trainers can also identify potential behavioral problems in order to prevent them from occurring in the future, including excessive barking, lead pulling, antisocial behavior, and food aggression.

Also offered is puppy boarding training where your pet is kept in a family home environment to be trained using positive reinforcement techniques while you are away. A personalized plan is agreed upon before your puppy arrives to ensure the training will meet his or her needs. Your puppy will receive daily training, playtime, walks, constant supervision and petting, and a bathing before returning home. You will receive updates on your dog’s improvements and what activities have been completed every day.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Mad Dogs & Englishmen offers training and professional dog walking on the Lower North Shore and Central Coast in Sydney. Their main trainer has numerous years of experience working with dogs and holds a National Dog Trainers Federation Certification III in Dog Behavior and Training.

This dog training school specializes in small dog aggression, but also can help with many other problems including jumping, barking, and nervousness. Most issues can be resolved in just a single session as the trainer always uses the simplest and quickest methods possible. It is also possible to eliminate smaller problems through socialization with other dogs on walks. Once major behaviorial issues are solved, owners are welcome to join walks for free in order to gain experience in a supportive environment.