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The best dog training in Los Angeles

There a large number of highly regarded dog training facilities in Los Angeles. Here are three of them which you may want to consider.

The Well-Heeled Dog

The Well-Heeled Dog offers private in-home training, group classes, behavior modification services, puppy training and socialization, family dog training, and free safety talks. Trainer Susan Isaacs is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and professional member of the Southern California Dog Trainers’ Forum as well as of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Group classes at the school are offered in Puppy Manners, Obedience, and the AKCCanine Good Citizen test preparation class — a class which can be taken only after your dog has had some form of basic obedience training. You can also choose to take private classes if you need help with a problem such as chewing, growling, nippinghousetraining, anxiety, or barking. After an initial consultation in your home to assess behavior and goals, the school will custom design a training plan for you. Your dog can either be trained for you or you can be coached so that you can train your dog yourself.

Trainer Susan Isaacs is also a licensed presenter for Dogs & Storks and The Dog and Baby Connection. She can teach expecting couples how to handle their dog and new baby in a safe environment through private consultations, private prenatal workshops, free public prenatal workshops, and the public Dogs, Kids & Safety workshop.

“I Said Sit!”

“I Said Sit!” specializes in dog behavioral problems using a causative approach to training. The approach of this dog training center in Los Angeles goes beyond simply offering corrections to the symptoms by eliminating the factors that led to the problem behavior in the first place. Trainers at “I Said Sit!” believe that dealing with the symptom alone, without considering the cause, can worsen the problem. Proper training however will increase confidence, reduce the dog’s sense of insecurity, and eliminate feeling confused.

Trainers use the quickest and easiest techniques based around a humane method while considering natural instincts and reflexes. Classes begin with no distractions and then move on to include minor distractions to teach your dog how to cope in more challenging situations. After training, your dog will be able to cope with unseen circumstances in the future such as adaptations to routine, moving to a new home, or a new baby that joins the family.

They offer the following training options:

  • Initial consultation and lesson
  • Group classes for puppy socialization, and basic to advanced training
  • Private classes at the school or in your home as a single lesson or complete training program
  • Semi-private lessons
  • Movie Dog Tricks
  • Agility
  • Reactive Dog
  • Dog day school
  • Boarding daily training
  • Beyond basic training


Wagville is dog training center that offers holistic dog care in Los Angeles. The number of highly experienced trainers use positive reinforcement methods with word or clicker markers to praise dogs and offer reward. Every dog is treated as an individual in a search to find a training method that suits your needs and lifestyle.

You can try out a free group class before signing up for more lessons to see if you like the facility and to decide whether the courses would work for you and your dog. Choose between puppy training, the Canine Good Citizen certification, dog training seminars, dog tricks classes, and obedience dog training, running from beginner to advanced levels.

Alternatively, you can take private classes if you need help with basic problems such as excessive barking, jumping, chewing, housebreaking, and aggression. By working on a specific problem, one of their dog trainers can address the undesired behavior before it evolves into a major problem.