Buying a puppy

A puppy can enhance your life

Dog with puppies

When considering buying a puppy for the first time and are not sure whether or not bringing a pet into the house will be a positive experience, just ask around and I can guarantee that you will never find a dog owner who was not happy.  Puppies are a great addition to any household, regardless if you have children, whether you are retired, and even if you are a busy young adult going to school or just getting started in life.


If you are hitting the retirement years of your life then this is a perfect time to make an addition to the house by buying a new puppy.  Your schedule is going to be a lot more leisurely than ever before and this gives you plenty of time to love and tend to your puppy.

Be sure to do a little bit of research first on dog breeds that will suit your retirement years.  I say this because if you are in need of a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, then certain dogs will not fit well in your home and others may be a bit on the noisy side.  But don’t worry, there is a perfect dog for every person out there.

Young adults

Yes, getting a puppy can also suit you well even if you are a young person who is busy with school or starting a new career.  There is nothing like coming home from a long day of work or a busy class schedule, and right into the arms of your lovable dog that has a seemingly endless amount of affection and love to give you. But first, consider the responsibilities of a new puppy, especially for your busy lifestyle.

  • Remember that dogs, especially young puppies, need one-on-one interaction almost constantly
  • Most adults are on a tight budget and if your one of them then you need to consider the cost of maintaining a dog.  Between pet food and veterinarian checkups, these costs can add up.
  • Think long term. Where are you going to be in five to ten years? are you willing to keep your pet around for the long haul? Remember that dogs are not a temporary relationship, these lovable guys and gals will be with you for the next 10 to 20 years.

Married with children

There should be no doubt in your mind that a new puppy would be great for the kids. I have yet to meet a young child that does not adore and fall in love with every puppy they see. Getting a new puppy will also teach your children a little bit about responsibilities and how to take care of an animal.  Just use caution, however, when selecting a breed to introduce to your kids. Some dogs are not capable of handling the rough play that most children get into.