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5 natural ways to increase your puppy’s energy levels

If your puppy is like most puppies, he or she most definitely has the attention span of a two year old child and an abundance of energy.

However, many puppies tend to become fatigued before the end of the day. If this is the case with your little friend and you have already taken him to the vet, you may want to do something yourself to ensure he or she has enough energy to last a full day.

The best way to do this is to go the natural route and opt for some energy supplements that will boost your puppy’s energy and overall good health. These are an excellent alternative to some of the medications your vet can prescribe.

To achieve the best results, make sure to follow the guidelines below on how to administer supplements that will naturally increase your pet’s energy levels.

Reduce number of feedings per day

If your puppy is over six weeks old, a good way to start is to reduce his or her feedings to only two per day. As dogs get older, they will have to be put on a more regular feeding schedule and fed twice during a single day. A mistake that many pet owners make, especially when they are new to owning a puppy, is to overfeed. Overfeeding can lead to a lack of energy as your pet can become lethargic, which couples with a puppy’s naturally short attention span. Cutting back on your pup’s meals can help a great deal. You can give your puppy energy supplements when you start out reducing your puppy’s feedings.

Check food digestibility rate

Another important step you must take when your puppy has become fatigued during the day is to check the labels on the food you have been feeding your puppy with. There should be a statement on the can or bag that states the food you feed your puppy has a digestibility rate of at least 85 to 90 percent.


Of course, protein is absolutely essential in a dog’s diet, and puppies are certainly no exception. Protein provides your pet with much needed energy and promotes good health. At the same time, many dog foods that you can purchase in your favorite stores contain a high amount of carbohydrates, which can easily explain why your puppy may be feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day. Dogs, and especially puppies, need a high amount of protein in their diets in order to have an adequate amount of energy during the day. Always check for protein levels and make sure it is higher than the carbohydrate amount in your pet’s food. If you cannot get food that contains a minute amount of carbohydrates, make sure to provide your puppy with energy supplements that will help him or her to regain stamina and energy throughout the day.

Check with your veterinarian

Always check with your veterinarian prior to giving energy supplements to your puppy. He or she may also recommend brewer’s yeast, which is high in vitamin B and protein. Mix this substance into your puppy’s food and enjoy watching him thrive throughout the day!


Omega 3 fatty acids are a substance that humans take for higher energy levels but which are equally beneficial for your puppy as well. The oils found in these acids will promote good health and better concentration, which can easily boost your pet’s energy levels. It will also ensure a shiny, healthy coat, which is important.