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German Shepherd

Dog training does not have to be complicated, nor does it take enormous amounts of time to teach your pet the basics. Speaking of basics, we all want our dogs to come to us when called. There are many ways to go about this dog training procedure, below is perhaps the easiest way. The following... read on

Pack leader training dog to be obedient

Dogs having a natural instinct towards being “pack” animals.  Just like their ancestors in which they came from, the wolf, dogs think in terms of partnerships and teamwork when it comes to certain activities. Similar to the way a sports team will work together in order to accomplish the combined goal of winning, your dog... read on

Clicker training for dogs

Clicker training, also called ‘magazine training’, is a method used to teach animals to perform a behavior through positive reinforcement. Clicker training is most commonly used with dogs and cats but has also seen success with many other species including dolphins, rabbits, horses, and even humans. Clicker training dogs has become increasingly popular over the... read on