Product review

A review of Cesar Millan rollerblades

After receiving much fame through Cesar Millan’s TV show ‘The Dog Whisperer’, LandRollers rollerblades have been dubbed ‘Cesar Millan rollerblades’. Since the 2005 season of his show, Cesar uses the LandRoller inline skates as one of his top tools for behavioral modification.

Millan believes that many dogs, especially large breeds living in the city, do not get enough strenuous exercise in their lives, which is a major cause of behavioral issues. Taking your dog for a skate can prevent these problems before they even arise.

He has inspired recreational skaters from novice riders to professionals to use rollerblades with their dogs. This has rekindled the skating scene to its former popularity of 25 years ago, when inline skates were first brought to market. Of the different inline skates available on the market today, Millan has chosen the LandRollers as his top choice for numerous reasons, such as:

Innovative design

The unique and attention grabbing design of the LandRollers with their two XL wheels doesn’t merely ‘look’ good, but moreover provides skaters extra stability.

Trail and city compatible

They are perfect for both trail riding and city skating. With LandRollers, you can ride more comfortably over rough surfaces, including rock, gravel and other irregularities, than you can with traditional inline skates that feature smaller wheels. You can even climb hills, especially when you have a strong dog that can do most of the hard work.

Easy to learn

There is no need to relearn how to skate. Even though the skates look very different, the contact points of the wheels are similar to regular inline skates. You only need to make a few minor adjustments to traditional techniques in order to be able to landroll.


They are long lasting. The high quality skates feature polyurethane wheels for durability.

Responsive brakes and movements

The easy to use braking and turning options enable a smooth ride.


The hybrid boot gives extra comfort with a heel that provides extra support to your foot where it is most needed.

Cesar Millan rollerblades do have a couple of downsides as well:

  • The most common complaints made by users is their heaviness and lack of speed, but these downsides are greatly reduced when you are pulled along by a big dog.
  • There is a weight limit, which may prevent over-weight enthusiasts to use Landroller skates.
  • It can be difficult to find the skates in retail stores.

While Cesar Millan rollerblades are not designed for hockey or speed skating, they are ideal for owners who want their dogs to get more exercise and have more fun together.