Dog training

Security dog training: How to train a dog for security & surveillance jobs

If you are looking for a dog that will be responsible for security & surveillance jobs, you’ll have to assure that you get decent dog training tailored to high level protection duty. As this type of training can be dangerous if they handled incorrectly, we strongly advise to hire a professional trainer specialized in this type of dog training.

Here are some organizations that can help you further:

Master Dog Training

The training at Master Dog Training is done at their facility which includes homes and cars onsite to simulate real world situations. Since they train dogs for police departments and specialized units like SWAT teams, their knowledge and methods are in-depth and detailed.

Master Dog Training also recognizes that while several breeds of dogs are most suited for protection, not all dogs have the necessary mental ability to do the work. During the first session, your dog will be analyzed to see if he is suited for security dog training.

They use a dog’s natural guarding instinct to help your dog learn to guard your home and your possessions. If you have children, they will also teach your dog to be especially careful when guarding them.

They also offers classes to let you become a dog trainer. These intensive, hands-on training covers all types of dog training such as agility training, obedience training, bomb sniffing and home protection. To complete your course, you will have to pass a series of tests that make sure you understand all the foundations of security dog training.

Ultimate K9

By focusing on the three main drives a dog has – fight, prey and protection, Ultimate K9 teaches dogs to be a good security dog. They believe by tapping into the dog’s natural instincts to go after prey, protect their leader and fight they can teach the skills needed to do the job.

This company also uses real-world scenarios like acting aggressively with the dog like a real intruder might with both sticks and guns. Clients can have dogs trained to do in-home protection, estate protection on grounds surrounded by fence, vehicle and even defense while walking or jogging. In addition, the dogs are trained at various times of the day, so they are acclimated to all different kinds of scenarios.

Equally important is the ability of security dog training to make sure the dog you have protecting you is also a dog that you can live with. Training includes family protection training so the dog is comfortable with children, family members, and invited guests coming to your home.