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Before buying a Doberman puppy, make sure to do some research about this unique dog breed so you have a clear understanding of what training your dog will need and how you can help him grow up into a balanced dog. Dobermans are intelligent, powerful and deeply loyal to their family. If not handled well, the... read on

Potty train your dog

When learning how to potty train your dog, bear in mind that a puppy is really just like a baby and will need to be taught how to do things properly. The steps to follow to successfully potty train your dog are: Using a crate Proper timing Managing praise Using the crate One of the best ways... read on

Housebreak a puppy

Let’s face it: one of the problems with puppies is pee & poop. Puppies are like young children in that they don’t come out of the box knowing how to do everything properly. They have to learn as they grow and one the things to learn is where and when to go to the bathroom.... read on

Clicker training for dogs

Clicker training for dogs is a training method that involves the use of an inexpensive clicker tool that makes a clicking sound to help instruct your dog what you want him to do. It is a gentle, positive method of obedience training that demands patience, but which can be very effective and even fun for both you... read on

Puppy pads (also called ‘dog pee pads’) are one of the best tools when potty training your new puppy. They can help you direct where your puppy goes to take care of his business in the house. They are much easier to clean up than simple newspapers and most of the pads contain odors that... read on

Your cute, cuddly puppy has morphed into a growling grown dog and now you are not sure what to do. Having an aggressive dog is scary and disappointing, but don’t despair. You can get your well-behaving baby back with some proper dog aggression training, which is what we’ll help you with straight away! For some... read on

Bringing home a new puppy is a thrilling, exciting experience. However, for a small puppy, the new smells and experiences inside his new home can be quite overwhelming and confusing. Introducing a crate to your puppy right from the start will make the event as pleasant for your puppy as it is to you. Crate... read on

Barking puppy

Almost all dogs bark, whine, or howl at times. While sometimes this can be with good reason, such as for communication or expressing a certain need, the behavior can become excessive and annoying. In order to control barking, you need to teach your dog when it is acceptable to bark and when he should remain... read on

Obedience training teaches your dog basic commands (such as “Sit!” and “Come!”), correct dog behavior, and socialization skills which will help your dog interact well with dogs and people. While dogs of any age can participate in obedience training courses, experts recommend starting when the dog is still a puppy, so that the development of... read on