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Dog food for training

Though clicker training garners results with leash training, not everyone is comfortable with it. Personally, I do not use a clicker when training my dogs. I prefer to keep the rewards mixed. A rub, praise, toy or food can be intermixed as rewards when you get the response you want. Food is great for luring... read on

Dog leash training rules

The majority of dog owners address the issue of leash training only once it becomes a problem. In the beginning, when walking their dog, they initially think it’s “cute” that a puppy pulls away the entire walk to the park because, they think, that the dog “just can’t wait to play with its ball”. But... read on

Dog leash collar

One of the best leash training methods created today does so that encourages the dog to develop awareness of its owner. To begin, you should use a sturdy, flat or rolled buckle collar made of leather or nylon. Although popular among obedience trainers, slip collars – which tighten and release in response to tension –... read on

Leash training a bulldog

Leash training your dog is much more than actually following a few steps and guidelines. It’s the actual mindset of the owner that is the single most important element. Success or failure, joy or frustration – all depend on how you approach your dog’s walking sessions. Leash and collar Start your leash training off on... read on

Girl leash training dog at beach

Leash training is a part of dog training which is considerably underestimated by new dog owners. The process of getting your puppy or adult dog used to being on leash is fairly simple and just takes a little bit of your time. Trust me, this small investment of properly training your dog to walk politely... read on

Dog owner walking 2 dogs

Considering the fact that leash training a dog is often a challenge, is there any way you can ever walk two dogs at the same time, especially two large breeds? Even those feisty toy breeds can be a monumental challenge to control together! The answer is… possibly, as long as the dogs get along well... read on