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Play these family-oriented games to help your dog master good manners and basic commands. And please be sure to supervise all play that involves children. “Thank you, take it!” This game will teach your dog to willingly release objects from its mouth when asked. Any object you start teaching this with should be large enough... read on

Dogs do not come into the world knowing polite manners, so don’t expect your own family pet to abide by rules that it doesn’t know yet. Training is a process that takes time and repetition. Both management and training will be necessary to keep your dog out of trouble while it’s learning how to behave... read on

Making dog training a family affair is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. To start, you must commit to declaring the rules that will govern your dog’s behavior, and let everyone know that these rules must be followed by everyone – because family-wide consistency is essential to achieve good results from training. Establishing the... read on

Teaching good manners to your dog is not just something to be left up to the adults of the house. Although mom and dad will usually bear the most responsibility for the family dog’s training, including children in the process is important, too. Your dog needs to know that it must respond and behave politely... read on

Stop dog from chasing cars

The brakes squeal, the car swerves, the inevitable thud of wheel meeting dog is followed by the sickening crash of the careening, out-of-control car. The victims? The dog, of course. The occupants, presumably. But who was at fault? The dog’s owner! Whether legally guilty or not, the responsibility for the dog’s actions rest solely upon... read on

Does this sound like you and your dog? You’ve had him since he was a puppy. He is a sweet dog, eager to please, and enjoys being around you and your whole family. But lately, you’ve notice that he’s become destructive around the house whenever he’s left alone, even for just a few hours. You... read on