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Choosing a puppy for city life

There is an old theory that man creates dog in his own image. Through selective breeding, people in an area develop the type of dog that fits their personality. And city dwellers have a much different “living personality” than those people who reside in other parts of the country. When you have decided on the... read on

Dog breeds for children

A good friend of mine lived with two Labrador retrievers in the city for years. In the city they were perfect gentlemen. And each fall season, they were the best dogs you could imagine in a duck blind. Dogs, like man, can learn to adapt to almost any environment. That’s why dogs have become household... read on

Dalmatian on leash

When choosing the right dog for city life, you can test new puppies out for behavior, character and personality, but the truth is that there really is no one all-around best temperament for a city dog. You should choose a dog with a temperament that suits your needs for the way you live. The best... read on

Many urban areas are experiencing a new and profound concern with the increasing accumulations of dog litter in the city streets. With the huge concentration of dogs in metropolitan areas, whether as household pets or guard dogs, the city is experiencing a comparable increase in waste materials dotting the already run-down urban landscape. Concern over... read on


They have been referred to by many names: Wolf Hybrids, Wolfdogs, or Wolf/Dog crosses. However, if you were to describe these creatures in an accurate term,  the right name would simply be “Wolfdogs”. There is nothing hybrid about these creatures. In reference to an animal, a hybrid means that the animal came from two different... read on

Mixed dog breeds

Unlike the purebred, the dog of mixed origin boasts no pedigree and holds no place in the ranks of kennel club history, but in every dog lover’s past, the mixed breed dog played an important part. Many owners of mixed breeds refer to them as “just mutts,” or a “Heinz 57 Variety”. Still others try... read on

Dog breed training groups

Investigate each group carefully before becoming a member There are hundreds of dog training books that can be found in libraries, bookstores, and on the Internet. Most of them are just fine and teach thorough, positive training methods. But I have yet to see any of them that make a point of stressing the fact... read on

Recent studies and arguments for the positive health changes associated with the older female dog and spaying,  indeed only indicate benefits of spaying. But are there also any drawbacks? Some veterinarians think there are, but by comparison they are minor. Now and then a dog might show a very slight shedding condition after spaying. This... read on

If your dearly beloved older female dog is not spayed, consider for a moment the positive reasons for having your vet perform the operation. Spaying will not only prevent health problems, potential diseases, and may even increase the dog’s energy and well-being, but it could also prove to be beneficial for the following reasons: Prevention of... read on

Older female dogs should not be left to become pregnant, especially if by accident. While  you may not agree with this notion, it can only enlighten your opinion by understanding a few solid reasons why these senior citizen lady dogs should be fixed. In addition to the prevention of inheritable diseases and avoiding physical problems... read on