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The first Humane Society was founded in England in 1824. The first in the United States, organized in New York by Henry Bergh and chartered by the state legislature in 1866, was the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). It is limited to that state only, and, though there is no... read on

A bloody, flesh-torn mixed Retriever female was standing alongside a busy intersection. Cars racing by on a crowded Monday morning, commuters trying to get to work on time, all seeing the poor maimed dog but too late for work to stop and do anything about it. With four puppies waiting for this mommy Retriever to... read on

There is nothing more beneficial that you can do for your dog’s health than spaying or neutering him or her. Some people refer to this surgery as altering a dog, or sterilizing the dog. Whatever you want to call it, getting your dog fixed should be a priority if it has not already been done.... read on

For those of you that keep your dog inside of the house at all times and away from outdoor dangers from poisonous plants, you may feel relatively safe but there are plenty of precautions to take in what indoor plants you choose to have around the house. You probably have plants decorated inside such as... read on

Did you know that just in North America alone there are almost a thousand species of plants that are considered poisonous to dogs and other house pets? All too often when a dog is taken to the veterinarian for sickness and the vet explains to the owner that it was the result of poison, the dog... read on

Poisoning should be the concern of every dog owner, as well as having other pets in the house. Some pet owners fear that an unfriendly neighbor might deliberately poison their dog because of some real or imagined misbehavior. But cases such as these are, fortunately, very rare. More often, pet poisoning is the result of... read on

There are times in your dog’s life when he or she will need medications that must be administered at home. Often a disease may strike requiring daily care and treatment, or perhaps your dog may suffer an injury that requires your personal treatment of meds. There are generally three methods to give medication to your... read on

When coming upon an injured dog at the scene of an accident, it must be transported out of the area immediately and back to safer ground.  This process can be a bit complicated if you do not know what you are doing in terms of evaluating the dog’s injuries and whether or not you have... read on

It is very common for puppies to wind up in troublesome situations where they get hurt from their adventures. Like small children, puppies see everything as a possibility for fun, even dangerous situations which adult dogs may have the wisdom to ignore. Puppies can be injured from electric shock when chewing on wiring, they can... read on

Dogs sometimes have a bad habit of putting anything they find inside their mouths.  Actually, dogs always seem to find a way to put objects in their mouth that do not belong there! They tend to pick up all types of stuff, ranging from balls to rocks, small toys to articles of clothing, basically anything... read on