There are too many puppies being born and sold by amateur breeders and not enough homeless dogs being adopted and raised in a good homes with loving families. If you are a true dog lover and have a passion for these animals, consider visiting your local animal shelter instead of purchasing a new puppy from... verder lezen

Do you think you have what it takes to be a true dog lover? If there was one thing that you can do in this world that would greatly contribute to the canine family, would you be willing to sacrifice a little extra time and patience? What I am talking about is adopting a dog... verder lezen

How to handle the ultra-exuberant labrador For those ultra-exuberant Labs who have trouble controlling themselves from jumping on people, even after being taught the “sit” and “off” commands, a harness and leash in the house can help tremendously. Put the harness and leash on, then sit in a chair and put your foot on the... verder lezen

The one magic word that can train your over-excited lab One reason many Labrador Retrievers are abandoned to animal shelters is because they jumped on small children, knocking them over or scaring them. A lot of people don’t understand how to manage jumping and when their Lab gets big, jumping isn’t so cute anymore. People... verder lezen

Most people do not consider adopting an older dog from the animal shelter or breed rescue group, but the truth is that these senior citizens are probably the best choice for the family that would like a companion that is house-trained, obedience trained, and socialized around young children. In many cases, these dogs have already... verder lezen